R3SET Agency Presents: the ID3A Jam Method

Transform your community with more impactful products, programs, and investments.


Are you struggling with boring, outdated community engagement methods? Traditional focus groups are losing touch. Outdated data and slow planning models are keeping organizations like yours from being adaptable, relevant, and impactful.


more funding, sponsors, and investment for programs in your organization.


quantitative and qualitative data that supports real insight and impact at a rapid pace


by testing ideas for your products, products, and services in real-time with all your stakeholders

“We understand the hurdles you face, from the constant quest for funding to the challenge of generating impactful ideas that truly resonate. Surveys and conversations can only take you so far, leaving gaps in engagement and insight. What if we told you there’s a way to bridge those gaps and create something extraordinary?”

Meet the ID3A Jam Method


The ID3A Jam Method is a beacon of innovation for the nonprofit and foundation world. Picture this: facilitated design thinking sessions that unravel creativity and spark collaboration, all while keeping your eyes on your established goals. Now, let’s take a closer look at how ID3A Jam is your game-changing partner.

Effectively target your community funding and investment

Get community and organizational buy-in for your investments

Improve your programs, products, and services

“Team R3SET has become an integral partner in a breadth of economic development, entrepreneurship and community dialogue facilitation over the past few years. Their Idea Jam product has become a great model for bringing together collective voices over common challenges and opportunities, and their Digital Business Accelerator during the COVID-19 pandemic became a lifeline for a number of regional businesses to help them build their market in a time of crisis. From ideation to reinvention, the innovative products and approach that they have taken has proven to be a great addition to the regional entrepreneurial and economic ecosystem of the Berkshires and beyond.”

Ben Lamb

Vice President of Economic Development, 1Berkshire

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The ID3A Jam Method Works For:

Non Profits

Community Foundations

Local Municipalities

Economic Development organizations

Hospitals & Healthcare

Regional Planning Organizations

The problem they all face?

Keeping their communities’ ideas trapped in a box.

  • Traditional focus groups and surveys are boring and lack good community engagement.
  • Outdated Data that is not keeping in step to rapid changes which makes your organization less adaptable and relevant.
  • Traditional strategic planning consulting models are too slow and expensive.
  • Communities and customers are tired of top down planning.  Communities want to be engaged in their own solutions.
  • Funding sources are wanting better impact with their investments; therefore, organizations need to be more nimble and efficiently responsive towards the communities they serve.

The ID3A Jam is your secret weapon…

  • Facilitated Ideation: Our method empowers your team to navigate challenges and seize opportunities with laser focus.
  • Real-Time Insights: Immerse yourselves in real-time engagement with your community, unlocking insights and understanding while nurturing those crucial connections.
  • Community Empowerment: We believe in the beauty of diverse minds coming together. Idea Jam cultivates new bonds, opening doors to partnerships and networks that resonate long after the session ends.
  • Data-Powered Strategies: We’re talking about a data-driven approach that guides your every move, from qualitative to quantitative insights.

As a DEI practitioner for over a decade, I am always searching for innovative ways to collect valid qualitative data. Impactful equity work is guided, and measured, by the voices of the community. The Idea Jam not only collects and displays the full breadth of whichever theme we explored, but it is also the most inviting tool for crowd sourced engagement that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I would resoundingly recommend the team at R3SET for your next data dive; strategic planning kick off; or for building community engagement loops within the structure of your organization. Wonderful work folx!”

Andre Lynch

Director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, B.A.R.T. Charter

Imagine the ripple effect


Magnetize Funding
With compelling data and game-changing ideas, your funding prospects become irresistible.

Ideas with Impact
Dive into your community’s wisdom, generating ideas that align with your mission and yield lasting change.

Forge Stronger Coalitions
Build partnerships and networks that extend beyond the event, ensuring lasting community impact.”

Don’t just take our word for it. Organizations just like yours are turning their communities into collaborators.


The ID3A Jam has left a mark, working with esteemed names such as 1Berkshire, Berkshire Bank, and many more.
Together, we’ve transformed feedback into action, unlocked investments, and launched initiatives that truly matter.

R3SET is a truly revolutionary movement bringing community-powered innovation to the most resistant challenges. As the saying goes, “we can’t solve our problems with the same thinking that got us here.” Through their programs and frameworks, especially Idea Jam, all stakeholders have a voice in creating new paths forward, leading organizations and causes faster and farther to new paradigms.

Erika Allison

Entrepreneur, Transformational Coach & Consultant

Case Studies

Want to see some results?

Community & Market Research Whitepaper

Berkshire United Way Case Study

ID3A Jam Process Update

The Process

How It Works

We engage your community

We believe in deep community connection. With our process, connecting community brings greater benefit than just data. Bringing different groups together creates new perspectives, new opportunities for partnerships, network ideas, greater insight and solution driven strategies.

We facilitate in-depth conversations

Facilitated design thinking sessions are proven to be more effective than surveys, questionnaires and community conversations. Our Idea Jam Method keeps people on task and keeps the momentum focused on the established goals.

We collect qualitative and quantitative data

We start gathering/collecting data at the onset of the Idea Jam community engagement process. With questions, geographic area, income,

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The benefits

Transforming your strategy through collaboration

Build trust with community

Building trust with the community you serve is tantamount to your overall organizational success. With the new idea and strategies of “Trust Based Funding” we believe an important ingredient to building trust with the community is transparency.

Collect real-time feedback

The real-time feedback experience also helps create a quick understanding of themes and insights into barriers and challenges that exist within the community while simultaneously garnering ideas and solution-oriented strategies from the very community you want to serve.

Design an effective strategy

Once we collect all the data from the Idea Jam exepereince, we have a team of experts who will analyze the data and design and winning strategy for you, your stakeholders and the community. 

ID3A Jams Impact

Our innovative tools, such as our ID3A Jam Accelerator, have engaged over 1000 community members within Berkshire County in the past 5 years.

Working with community stakeholders such as Downtown Pittsfield Inc, Berkshire United Way, BBEC Success Idea engaged over 125 Black community stakeholder Jam, gathered over 1000 data points, and launched an economic blueprint for the Berkshire Black community launching two major reports and garner over $1,300,000 for community-based investment funding.

Berkshire Workforce Board – MassHire was pleased to be a part of this important
conversation and continues to have pipeline and training opportunities in many occupations. Thanks for including us!

Heather Boulger

Executive Director, Berkshire County Regional Employment Board

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R3SET Agency

We facilitate transformational economic & community development with a curated suite of products & services delivered by a cooperatively owned agency.

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About R3SET Agency

R3SET Agency is a cooperative firm that helps facilitate self-directed community and economic development in collaboration with mission-driven organizations. 


Background Summary 

The R3SET Agency was founded in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 2021. We are a subsidiary of R3SET Enterprises, B-Corp social enterprise that creates innovative planning tools and community engagement strategies that drive community development and economic growth. 

We’ve worked with community institutions including 1Berkshire, Berkshire Bank, Berkshire United Way, Mass Mocha, The Mount, CATA, Multi-Cultural Bridges Inclusive Leadership Cohort, African Business Professionals, Babson College, Western Mass EDC, Baystate Health, Roots Rising, Downtown Pittsfield Inc. to address challenges identified by the communities themselves.


What We Offer

R3SET Enterprises’ flagship offerings are the design and development of a social technology platform for cooperative community empowerment, also called the EL3VATE Platform, and the ID3A Jam Method, a rapid design thinking approach to gathering community feedback to more effectively target investment opportunities and garner buy-in.

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Starting A New  Project or Program?

We’d love to give you a set of free tools worth $1,200 that can help you successfully start a new project. Jump on a quick call to learn more.

R3SET Agency

We facilitate transformational economic & community development with a curated suite of products & services delivered by a cooperatively owned agency.


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